Welcome to the Reputone Economy!

As the name implies, the Reputone, or “Re” as we call it, is a currency designed to encourage contribution and collaboration, not consumption. For the four days of Sibos, it is the Innotribe “coin of the realm,” changing hands as we exchange insights, ideas, connections and convergence.

How it works:

You will receive these notes throughout the Innotribe sessions, and have an opportunity in each session to “spend” them on others.

Initially, you will be able to choose the value by writing it on the Reputone note, and the purpose of the exchange—are you extending your network, receiving a valuable opinion or insight, or being given useful knowledge by someone else?

You will be guided when you can exchange them during sessions, but feel free to keep spending them on others at any point during our Innotribe gathering at Sibos—a powerful or valuable collaboration can happen anytime. And be prepared to receive as well as give, as you may be the one sharing!

To gain more yourself, you can also trade networking for currency by showing business cards you’ve collected at one of our trading desks, where you will be issued Reputones of value for the networking you are doing. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep the cards, too! Keep an eye out for the trading desks. You may also be rewarded on the spot with value by an Innotribe team member, so show your most collaborative behavior!

To keep your “wallet” manageable, you can also exchange paper currency you’ve collected for a status bracelet at a trading desk. You will also have opportunities to collect additional blank currency should you run low.

Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to spend what you’ve collected on Thursday morning when we open the Innotribe Ateliers. You could buy valuable time with an Innotribe speaker or something else useful to take away from your experience here.

Keep an eye out for changes, though. The Innotribe team may just intervene in the Reputone economy on short notice to keep it interesting. Watch this blog at, or follow on Twitter via @reputone.

Keep collaborating, sharing and building!

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